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 A supplier of low carbon or eco-friendly goods or services
 A procurer of low carbon or eco-friendly goods or services
 A supporting agency, consultancy or other stakeholder
 Low carbon electricity generation (e.g. Wind turbines, solar PV, hydro-electric & marine energy, nuclear power and carbon capture)
 Heat distribution from renewable sources (e.g. Heat pumps, solar thermal, heat networks and geothermal)
 Waste recovery (e.g. Recycling, energy from waste/ biomass and waste water)
 Energy efficiency(e.g. LED lights, insulation, heat recovery products and energy controls)
 Low carbon transport (e.g. Low emission vehicles and logistics)
 Low carbon consultancy services (e.g. Sustainable architecture & design, carbon accounting & finance, environmental consultancy and specialist training)
 Construction & civil engineering
 Advanced manufacture & engineering
 Creative & digital
 Extractive industries
 Farming & fishing
 Food; drink & consumer goods manufacture
 Hospitality; wellbeing & visitor economy
 Retail business
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