Green certification is a recent concept that started in 1992 when the British Standards Institution (BSI) group has published the BS7750 – Specification for environmental management systems, as part of a response to emerging concern about the environment. BS7750 was used as a template for the ISO series. In 2001, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) published the ISO 14001 standards, which aimed to integrate environmental aspects into the design and manufacture of products. Currently, there are over 463 ecolabels in the World, with 90 in the UK.

Several studies indicate that environmental certification is directly connected to the likelihood of a consumer purchase a certain product. Consumers that are environmentally conscious are usually positively affected by a firm’s green accreditation. Other studies also point out that environmentally certified organisations outperform non-certified ones. A Carbon Trust survey shows that 61% of people are more likely to buy from a company with a good reputation for helping the environment – and, most larger organisations check the environmental credentials of sub-contractors before committing to a contract.

We have teamed up with Green Mark and Investors in the Environment to help eligible businesses secure recognised environmental credentials. These ‘green badges’ will help you attract new customers and bring success in tendering to larger organisations like councils and corporate business.

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