The East Midlands Chamber is accepting applications for the 2020 Environmental Impact Award. The Environmental Impact Award will be awarded to an organsation which has put environmental sustainability at the core of its business. The winning business will demonstrate a measureable commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. 

Judges will be looking for:

  • Those who can show a measurable positive impact on the environment by replacing less environmentally friendly products and services
  • Those who are developing new innovative green technologies to improve the carbon footprint of the end user, all while enhancing their competitiveness
  • Those delivering low carbon networks and partnerships, who are advocates and leaders for carbon reduction. This includes efforts to provide significant and measurable environmental improvements to the wider business community and public
  • Organisations which deliver significant and measurable environmental improvements within their organisation, through supporting employees with initiatives such as, reducing waste, reducing energy consumption, smart travel initiatives, behaviour change.
  • Those who have delivered a significant project with excellent environmental gains over and above the norm

Questions for the submission:

Please provide a brief description of your business, the reason you think you should win the award, the products or services your organisation supplies, its customers and the markets that it operates in.

PLEASE NOTE: This description will be provided as an overview to the judging panel should you be successfully shortlisted as a finalist. The description provided will also provide the basis of any marketing materials produced as part of the awards including, programmes, website features and videos.

You should cover:
• Why you think your organisation should win the award
• The nature of your business
• Your products and services
• Your customers
• Markets that you operate in

What are the objectives for your business over the next three years and how will these be achieved? You should cover:
Main objectives for the next three years
How will these be achieved
Effects that these will have on the overall business

Detail the main area(s) of activity that identify your credentials in relation to your pro-environmental impact. This should cover:

  • What activities are undertaken in this area?
  • What identifies the activity as being over and above the norm, providing measurable outcomes where possible?
  • How this will be achieved?

Please describe who the main beneficiaries of this activity are:

  • What is the overall pro-environmental impact for your organisation and wider community?
  • How do they benefit?
  • How are these benefits measured?

Explain how this activity is embedded across your organisation, please provide details of:

  • Who is responsible for driving this activity forward within your organisation? 
  • How is this activity promoted throughout your organisation, to ensure employee buy in? 
  • What support and activities are offered to employees to help them become more environmentally friendly?

Please describe how this activity will be sustained:

  • Detail how this activity will develop over the next three years
  • Explain how you ensure that your activity maintains its relevancy
  • How do you engage with your stakeholders to ensure continuous development
  • What long-term strategies are in place to maintain this activity and to ensure continuous development

For more information and to submit your application, please access