Prestigious award for building with human-centric smart lighting

The first human-centric smartLighting (HCsL) system has been key to the headquarters of Gymshark being recognised at the prestigious UK Property Awards.

Derbyshire firm Scenariio, which installed the system, is at the leading edge of smart lighting sensor technology which will help reduce energy costs and carbon footprint of the fitness apparel & accessories brand company.

They worked with interior design company Oktra whose work at Gymshark was recognised as the best in the West Midlands.

Scenariio installed the system at the Gymshark HQ in Solihull, simulating the daylight curve of the sun and monitoring usage across the building to optimise energy and cost efficiency.

Rob Pritchard said:

“Being one of the UK’s leading retail companies, Gymshark wanted a building which would accommodate their rapid growth, attract and retain future talent. Smart lighting was a key component of this ambition.

“They needed a system suitable for shift working and for viewing products, particularly fabrics, in different light so required tuneable white light and colour temperatures adjusted for users, based on job roles.

“Data from our sensors is also helping Gymshark to decide whether the building is being used to best effect to help plan future growth and staff moves.

“The company has already re-configured one area of the building and put in further desks because of the data from the lighting system.”

Ben Francis, founder and owner of Gymshark, said:

“The smartengine lighting system helps us at Gymshark especially with our product design.

“We can use the same colour light over different fabrics to see how they look. We use the sensors to understand how to use the building more effectively and improve the environment for everyone who works here.”

Rob added:

“Sensors are very useful in a hot-desking environment, showing when a workstation is vacant or not.

“Companies use this technology to highlight to staff where they can work when they arrive each day.”

Rob and his colleagues at Scenariio are data cabling experts, having worked in the field for more than two decades.

They have combined their talents with those of Germany-based wtec AG whose technology replaces conventional lighting infrastructures. Its sensors measure temperature, brightness, power usage and presence of staff simultaneously and make the data available in real time.

The smartengine provides information for other building systems including security through motion detection, air conditioning and occupancy. It uses safe low voltage data cables allowing flexibility to reconfigure, minimising ongoing maintenance requirements.

Rob added:

“We would expect a company save up to 90 percent of their energy running costs if they use our system and for them to have a return on investment within a few years.”

Scenariio is part of the University of Derby and European Regional Development Fund-backed Low Carbon Business Network.

“The network is important because it is encouraging company owners to listen to the message about sustainability.

“It is exciting to know of other companies which have similar objectives. We come from different backgrounds and are all trying to make the world a bit greener.”

Dr Fred Paterson, the University of Derby’s project lead for the Low Carbon Business Network, said:

“I am delighted we are able to support innovative companies such as Scenariio.

“Their work at Gymshark is a game-changer and I am sure it will be the springboard for a new era in smart office designs.”

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