What is the Low Carbon Business Network?

Our network connects businesses that are inspired to put green practices in place across their organisation, whatever the size or sector. The network encourages the development of new technologies and innovative ways of thinking to improve your operations and business models.

Learn about sustainable technologies, green business thinking and the wealth of support from local experts that can help improve your operations, build your skills and grow your business. The network will include your business details on our searchable network map and enable you to extend your business offerings.


Why join the Low Carbon Business Network?

By joining the Low Carbon Business Network you can;

  • Raise your visibility with large demand side organisations that are looking to add businesses like yours to their supply chain.The network map raises your visibility amongst the growing number of LCEGS businesses in the region.
  • Access free resources to help boost demand for your low carbon goods and services.
  • Access free resources to support your journey to net-zero.

  • Find out about specialist pro-environmental workshops.

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Who is the network for?

The Network is aimed at all businesses that are on a journey to net-zero emissions as well as SMEs that supply LCEGS…

We would also like to hear from you if you are planning to add new eco-friendly, green or sustainable products or services to your business offer.

The Network also welcomes procurers of low carbon products and services as well as other organisations that support the interests of these SMEs.

Pro-Environmental SMEs


Public Sector Organisations

International Corporations

Higher Education


Community Groups

D2EE 50

The D2EE 50 Network helps businesses make the shift to a low carbon economy. Read some our success stories, to see how we helped these businesses and how we can help you.


Who is it for?

The Network is aimed at all businesses that are on a journey to net-zero emissions, SMEs that supply low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS), procurers of LCEGS and organisations that support the interests of pro-environmental business.

How do I access resources?

A variety of resources are available once you have signed in to the Network. The resources will be updated on an ongoing basis with articles, tools and links to third party websites.

Do I pay to join?

The Network is FREE to join. You will need to provide basic information about your business to sign up.

Who is it for?

Any organisations that provides a service or supplies a product that helps reduce green house gas emissions, or who would like to extend their business into this area in the future.
The Network also welcomes procurers of LCEGS from larger corporate and public sector organisations as well other supporting stakeholders.

How do I use the site?

Once registered on the Network, you will be issued with a login password. You can then amend your business details on the network map, access resources and register for events.

How to use

Network events are publicised on our News & Events page and via Twitter. Follow us at @CarbonDerby.