Our latest ’Pitch Green’ event, which is known by most of Low Carbon Business Network as similar to the popular BBC programme Dragon’s Den but less scary, was a roaring success. Identified members were invited to present their environmentally friendly products or services to a panel of business experts much like they would do when pitching for new contracts or sales. After the presentation, the panel provides feedback and suggestions that aim to strengthen their business offering. 

After the initial nerves of entering the den, all six businesses who were there to present returned feeling positive and reported back how useful their session had been, they even said they enjoyed the process! They came out with a clear vision and plan for their business based on the feedback they received. 

Members from the Green Growth Business Club are identified to take part in two ‘Green Growth Accelerator’ workshops prior to Pitch Green. The first workshop aims to clarify the critical aspects of your low carbon offer; identify high-value customers and understand their needs; understand market trends; find ways to match your value proposition with the interests of current and prospective customers.

The second session will help you refine your value proposition into a clear, attractive offer to your customers. You will get feedback on your proposition and support on how to pitch your product or service to larger demand side organisations and high-value customers.

The Pitch Green event is the culmination of the two bespoke workshops and provides businesses with an opportunity to ‘practice’ their pitch to a panel of business experts before an occasion where it really matters. From this, and previous events, participants have feedback to us that ‘it is a golden opportunity to face the nerves that come with presenting with people who are simply there to help’. Each presentation is also filmed and copy given to each business, allowing you with the opportunity to critique yourself again and again!