IISE- Institute for Innovation in sustainable Engineering

As part of the LC Business Network you may have already accessed fully funded support for your company. But did you know that you may also benefit from fully funded support through our research and development facet of the project.  Through IISE (Institute for innovation in sustainable engineering) the support could be from one or more of the researchers and/or technicians.

Below are some examples of how we are already engaging with some SMEs:

  • We are carrying out a piece of research for a business in relation to electric boilers
  • We have worked with a business to develop a new biomass cooking system. Working with them we have developed a new product that they are now able to take for testing prior to bringing to the market as a new product.
  • We are currently in discussions with a business who has some ideas for t shirts and design
  • We have done some design and 3D printing for a new product design
  • We are working with a brewery on some research and we are also working with a manufacturer looking at alternative more energy efficient processes

These examples show that we can do something that is purely research based or something that involves testing using either software or equipment. No idea is beyond scoping as long as we have the capacity and technical ability to support.  

If you would like to discuss an idea or your thoughts further then please contact IISE directly by getting in touch with:

Jo Grant, Business Engagement Manager, Engineering and Technology (projects), T: 01332 592754 M: 07766 775336 E: j.grant@derby.ac.uk

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering, University of Derby, Lonsdale House, Derby DE1 3HD