Logistic and Supply Chain Week

Logistics and Supply Chain Week

The University of Derby is set to host its 5th annual Logistics Week from 19 February 2018.

Logistics and Supply Chain Week will attract those at the very top of this field, to share information and the latest thinking in the industry. It will also be a great opportunity for our students looking for a career in this global industry. Logistics Week is organised by the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement in the College of Business at the University and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), and is just one of a number of ways the University supports the logistics sector. This year’s theme ‘Technology and Innovation in Logistics and the Supply Chain’ is centered around the rapid growth in all aspects of technology and its effects on the industry.

Throughout the week, industry-leading organisations will visit the University to give talks to students. There will also be a free public conference held at the University (22 February 4-8pm).

Talking about the event, Professor Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Head of Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, said: “This is the fifth year we’ve run Derby Logistics Week. Every year we receive overwhelming responses from large and small companies within the sector to explore the trend and challenges in the market and with joint opinions to identity opportunities addressing the issues.

In previous years we have looked at Low Carbon Logistics, Last Mile Logistics , E-Commerce and this year our ‘Technology and Innovation in Logistics and the Supply Chain’ theme will shed some light on the impact of rapid technology growth on the industry.

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