This page highlights a number of useful articles by McKinsey & Co that take a closer look at sustainable retail and packaging.

The Future of Fashion – We all know that the fashion industry contributes to climate change, which is why the industry’s sustainability efforts are critical for saving the planet. To read more about whether it is thought fashion resale will become more popular than fashion retail, visit The Next Normal – The future of fashion: Sustainable brands and ‘circular’ business models | The Next Normal | McKinsey & Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the fashion industry to re-think how to provide for its consumers sustainably. More information is available here – Survey: Consumer sentiment on sustainability in fashion | McKinsey

To find out more about how Gen Z and millennials are shaking up the fashion retailer’s expectations – Meet Generation Z: Shaping the future of shopping | McKinsey

Towards a sustainable retail future – Sustainability is increasingly important for the fashion industry, and McKinsey & Co have more information on how the industry plans to contribute positively to working sustainably in response to our climate and environmental challenges. The path forward for sustainable retail | McKinsey

Global companies are trying to break through the barrier of using plastics and use something more sustainable, all whilst recycling materials as effectively and efficiently as possible. The efforts vary from country to country. Read more here…

Sustainability in packaging | McKinsey

The Next Normal – The future of packaging: Smart bottles, edible boxes | The Next Normal | McKinsey & Company

Helping build the circular economy for plastics | McKinsey

The European recycling landscape–the quiet before the storm? | McKinsey